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This original piece of art was used in the manufacturing of a published children's book or toy design. This piece was illustrated by Mrs. Kelley Jarvis-Maclay of Jarvis Arts, LLC. Mrs. Maclay's art career spans over 20 years. Specializing in licensed arts. This art is One-Of-A-Kind and no other piece of art is exactly the same. Hand illustrated and then digitally painted on the computer for final printing of the product. Mrs. Maclay's artwork is very rare as she very rarely releases it. Take a chance now to get a piece of cartoon history. Each piece comes signed with a COA from Jarvis Arts, LLC studios.


Publisher: Warner Brothers

Product: Looney Tunes English (ESL) Book Program,  Asian Markets. Never released in USA.

Date of Creation:1997

Description:  Scene is the woods with Bugs Bunny, Elmer and Daffy trying to decide on what kind of food to eat. 3 great classic characters all together in one large (approx. 13" x 20") on two attached animation papers. Great tight pencils of all 3 characters. Some tape is attached and corners are curled lightly. Paper is white.

Looney Tunes Pencilled Book Illustration Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd & Daffy Duck '97

  • Condition of Art:

    About the condition of the art: As is with most in-house production work, artwork can show light colored graphite, smudges, tears, tape, cut & paste images, whiteout/ Ink or paint spots. These are results of being done by hand and are natural to the production of art. See photos.

  • Legal Disclaimer:

    Legal Disclaimer: The artwork/images featured on this website were illustrated by Mrs.Kelley Jarvis-Maclay. None of the artwork may be reproduced from this site, in any manner, whatsoever. Copyrights and trademarks of the shown characters, logos and designs depicted belong to their respective corporations and correct legal notices are in place. Any illegal use of said images/artwork will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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